The pre-order window for the 7-inch Simpsons ULTIMATES! Figures will close on Friday, February 4, 2022

The Simpsons figures are a made-to-order release and we expect to ship them in Fall 2022.

As seen on The Simpsons, like many of the most successful corporate pitchmen, Duffman may have become more recognizable than the product he’s promoting. This 7” scale highly articulated Simpsons ULTIMATES! Duffman figure features premium detail and comes with interchangeable heads & hands and a variety of other accessories, including a Duff Beer 7-Pack, Duff #1 foam hand, and Santa’s Little Helper as Suds McDuff. After more than 30 years on air, it seems like The Simpsons will be around forever, but the chance to get this made-to-order Duffman ULTIMATES! figure won’t be, so don’t miss out!


  • 3x interchangeable heads 
    • Smiling head
    • Laughing head
    • Sticker-on-face head
  • 9x interchangeable hands:
    • 2x Open hands
    • 2x Expressive hands
    • 1x Gripping hand
    • 1x Fist hand
    • 1x Saluting hand
    • 1x Pointing hand
    • 1x “Devil Horn” hand
  • 1x Duff Beer 7-Pack
  • 1x Duff Beer #1 Foam Finger
  • 1x Santa’s Little Helper as “Suds McDuff” figure
  • 1x Soft Plastic Cape

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