Hard Times Cloth Face Mask

Hard Times Cloth Face Mask

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The Hard Times audience has empowered us to donate thousands of masks. We've made bulk donations to organizations and hospitals, but are looking to up our game by going directly to people. If you need a mask but don't have the funds, or need one for a job that forces you to go outside still, please feel free to select the option "I Want A Free Mask" to get a mask for free. Use the code "donation" at checkout to get free shipping (in the United States). Some of these masks will be blank and factory made. Others will be handmade by our small team and feature Hard Times t-shirt graphics.

If you want to fund these donations, please feel free to order one of our other masks, or select the option "I Want to Pay For Someone Else's Mask"

Ordering a free face mask puts you on the list. We have thousands ready to ship, but there is a chance your number on the list will not get a mask. We apologize and hope you only use us as one of your many efforts to secure one. We will do our best to fill as many donation orders as possible.

Please be sure to double check your address information when you order, as there will be no returns or customer service for donation masks.




We can convert Hard Times t-shirts into a double-layered DIY cloth face mask with elastic ear loops by hand. These are not the n95 face masks our hospitals need, so you won't be taking from any frontline workers.

Making your own mask out of an old t-shirt is easy and free. You can see a guide, and the science supporting #masks4all here.

This product is us cutting one of our new t-shirts and converting it into a cloth mask for you, so that you have one that looks cool. We will be donating the excess material from the back of the shirts we cut up to a network of people making masks for donations around the country. We'll also be making additional masks of our own and donating them.

The piece of the shirt logo you get will vary from mask to maskThere is a 10-day lead time on these hand made masks. They are one size fits most.  These are made to order by Celina of Belle De Nuit. We will be prioritizing donation orders, so please be patient and only contact shipping@thehardtimes.net if you believe something went wrong. We are happy to help you. 

You can also purchase a factory-made blank mask, which will fuel our donation efforts.